HAMPDEN, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — Congressman Bruce Poliquin took aim at 2nd District opponent Emily Cain Monday in response to a recent attack ad claiming Poliquin voted to short funding to the V.A. by $1 billion.

This as the race is heating up with just less than a month away from election day.

Poliquin’s campaign held an event with veterans in Hermon Monday where he defended himself and boasted that Maine veterans do support him.

"Ms. Cain continues to throw out these personal, nasty incorrect false attacks because she can't win on the issues. I voted to increase funding to the V.A. by $4.6 billion. I'm so proud of our veterans. I'm there biggest supporter they'll ever have,” Poliquin said.

The latest ad at the center of the heated congressional race is not sponsored by a candidate.

It is paid for by Vote Vets, a national non-partisan PAC that strives to support the needs of veterans.

The ad makes reference to a military and V.A. funding bill from 2015 that Poliquin did vote in favor of.

The bill encompassed a number of things including an increase in funding to the V.A., but the problem for Vote Vets is that the funding was nearly 1 billion dollars less than what President Obama had put forward in his budget proposal.

Congressman Poliquin defended his actions, saying Maine veterans do support him—a number of those veterans turning out to the campaign’s rally at Dysart’s in Hermon.

His opponent Emily Cain attended an event with local supporters nearby in Hampden Monday evening, where she responded to Poliquin’s remarks.

"Congressman Poliquin is trying to distract from the truth again. This new ad on television is not from my campaign. It's from a Veterans organization called Vote Vets that focuses exclusively on Veterans issues, and they're calling him out for underfunding the V.A. by a billion dollars. That's just a fact." Cain said.

The 2nd District congressional race has become the most costly in state history with an overwhelming amount of outside money continuing to pour in the final weeks.

The most recent poll by the Portland Press Herald/Maine Sunday Telegram placed Poliquin ahead of Cain.