BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- A man driving around the Bangor area offering to pay females to clean his home has been identified and spoken to, according to police.

In a Facebook post Monday, the Bangor Police Department disputes social media posts about a man driving around Bangor attempting to abduct young girls. They say they've instead been informed of a man driving a red SUV with out-of-state license plates, offering to pay females to clean his home.

"That is creepy, and that is why we went to find this man to discuss his intentions," the post reads. "He was identified and spoken to about his methods to attract new employees."

Police are asking to contact Detective Gary Decker at if you've had a similar encounter.

They also addressed posting to social media without knowing all the facts.

"Secondly, do not post things that are not entirely true regarding abductions. It's a big deal. We take it very seriously."