SOUTH PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Many people choose to leave their windows open during hot temperatures, but police warn doing so could make homes more vulnerable to burglaries.

Officer Rocco Navarro said burglars tend to look for windows on the back side of the home, away from the street, and that burglars tend to walk up and knock on the front door to see if anyone is home.

"The daytime is so common because it looks less suspicious. Someone can look like a contractor just walking up to a house," said Navarro. "They take it for granted that -- 'oh, this is Maine. This stuff doesn't happen. What are the odds my house is going to get broken into."

He said burglars try to draw as little attention as possible, and even if they cannot get into your home, they may try to take something from an unlocked garage or items such as tools sitting out in the open.

"They're looking for a quick score to grab that weedwhacker and go up to a pawn shop and get $30. They come home and all their tools are gone, lawnmower, so yeah they locked their house up but they forgot their garage."

Police officers offered a number of tips to protect your home during the summer:

1. Keep windows and doors closed and locked.

2. Do not post on social media if you or your family leaves for a vacation.

"It's worth it. You're not going to be a victim that way, and they're going to go on to the next one," said Navarro.