LYMAN, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- While two young girls wandered their neighborhood in Lyman naked, police said their father was relaxing at home with marijuana and video games.

The girls are both toddlers, ages two and three years old. Police said they climbed out of a window at their home on Walker Road Thursday night and spent 90 minutes roaming around outside before being found.

Police picked up the girls and knocked on doors along the street to find where they lived. That search ultimately led them to the home of 35-year-old Christopher Peare. Police said he had been playing video games and smoking marijuana and never realized his daughters had left. The girls' mother, Tara Cole, was not at home.

Police brought Peare to York County Jail on two counts of endangering the welfare of a child. Peare faced the same charge in 2012 in connection to an incident involving a different child in Sanford.

His daughters were found to have no injuries after being checked out at the hospital. The Maine Dept. of Health and Human Services stepped in and made arrangements for them to stay with other relatives.