CARMEL, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Police are investigating reports of shots fired in a community in eastern Maine.

State Police, Penobscot County Sheriff’s deputies and Hampden Police all responded to a home on East Court in Carmel.

NEWS CENTER was told by officials on scene that the situation was initially a medical call that quickly escalated.

Neighbors say they heard screaming coming from the home at the end of East Court where there was reportedly an altercation with the male suspect.

That was when officials say several rounds were fired, but police were able to diffuse the situation.

"It was an altercation with the person that the complaint was called in on and the person subsequently got a fire arm and discharged some rounds,” William Sheehan Chief Deputy for the Penobscot County Sheriff’s Office said.

Chief Deputy Shaheen said the man involved is currently being treated at an area hospital for self-inflicted injuries.

"It's still under investigation, I know deputies and officers on scene were trying to give commands for the suspect to put the gun down," Sheehan said.

Several units were still on scene investigating as of 11 p.m. on Thursday.

Police have not released any names.