LEWISTON, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — A parent's worst nightmare is that something bad will happen to their child and few will ever experience the panic when a child goes missing.

That panic was very real Thursday for a family in Lewiston.

A grandmother was watching her three-year-old autistic grandson when she heard a back door shut and then could not find the toddler anywhere.

The grandmother called police and Lewiston Officer Nate Hood and his dog, Ice, began tracking the boy's scent just 20 minutes after he wandered away from home.

Ice led Officer Hood through a nearby field to a trail in the woods along a swamp. Minutes later Officer Hood found the boy chest deep in the swampy water.

The boy was returned home safely where his mother wanted to buy Ice an ice cream for finding her son.

Not all stories in the news end with happening endings but we are so glad that Officer Hood and Ice where called to help.