Plow drivers in Scarborough slept in their trucks overnight Friday into Saturday as part of a 17-hour shift to clear the snow from Saturday's snow storm, according to Scarborough Public Works.

Scarborough and nearby towns all received close to a foot or more of snow.

"It's been a long winter for everybody -- I think it's just time for it to be over," said David Pinkham, an operations supervisor for Scarborough Public Works. "It is different because the guys have had enough. The residents have had enough. Our budgets have had enough."

The snow late in the season also takes it toll on the equipment, but crews quickly had major roads such as Route 1 cleared by the early afternoon.

"It's just a heavy snow. It makes it harder. It's a slippery snow. We have a lot more cars off the road when you have these spring storms," said Pinkham.

Pinkham said some of the typical spring projects, such as street sweeping, still have not begun because of all the snow.