PATTEN, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Shirley Turner can recall the conversation she had with her son more than a decade about a bad decision that cost him his life.

"He said it's two weeks from her 16th birthday and I said now you should wait a little while and make sure this is all right,"

Her son, William Elliot ended up in jail for having sex with his girfriend in 2002 when he was 19 and she was 15. It was a crime that also landed him on the states sex offender registry website when he got out of jail.

"It was really horrifying just to have them on the registry. He was getting obscene phone calls and threats that he was going to die and people throwing crap in his yard and just harassing him to the point where he didn't know what to do," recalls Turner.

Then on Easter Sunday 2006, Stephen Marshall drove down from Nova Scotia and shot and killed Elliot and another man who were listed on the state registry website. Marshall later killed himself when confronted by police. Turner still has nightmares.

"I see my son in his coffin no parent should have to go through what I have gone through," she says.

She dreams about her son too and how he would bring her flowers, and come cut wood for her. She's written a book about it all, titled "Destroying Angel" in reference to Stephen Marshall.

"Because the young man he was such an angel in his community he went to church every week and he had a job and he did public service and all these good things and he destroyed my life my sons life," she said.

"It's among the most horrifying things I've ever read," explained Bruce Pratt, a novelist and english teacher at the University of Maine.

Pratt has been helping Shirley since 2010, when she came to UMaine's english department seeking help. He says, Turner wrote the book and he is only helping her put it into manuscript form so she can get it published. He says he's not getting paid. He's only doing it to help Turner share her story because he feels it's compelling.

"Shirley story is real there's no fiction here. I'm a fiction writer, I'm primarily a fiction writer. This is the real truth and it's hard and it's brutal and at times it's very difficult to read but you've met her this is not a bitter woman this is a woman saddened and burdened with the loss of her son but the fact that she can be so positive about moving forward just struck me that this is a story that needed to be told," he said.

Pratt is using the crowdfunding website Indiegogo to help turner raise 3-thousand dollars to get her book published through a small publisher in New Hampshire.

"If I can save other young men for one thing and two for my own sanity I had to write the book in order to save myself from going nuts over this," explained Turner.