SOUTH PARIS, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - The Oxford County administrator, commissioners, and a lawyer will meet to discuss allegations of sexual misconduct against Sheriff Wayne Gallant.

Oxford County administrator Scott Cole confirms to NEWS CENTER that the meeting, which is a closed door executive session, will happen on Tuesday, December 5, at 9 AM.

The meeting will include the three county commissioners, Cole, and the county's lawyer, Bryan Dench.

Sheriff Gallant will not be at the meeting - and Cole says the commissioners have no plans of meeting with him, despite requests for a meeting from Gallant's lawyer.

Gallant's lawyer, Jim Martemucci, told the Sun Journal on Wednesday that Sheriff Gallant "absolutely" denies the claims of sexual harassment. Martemucci also said that his client has no plans to resign as Sheriff.

Gallant is accused of sending sexually explicit photos to multiple coworkers, as well as soliciting a deputy and his girlfriend for sex, according to Ray Cote of the Teamsters Local 340 union.

Union head calls for resignation of sheriff

County officials say they were presented with "a body of information" in early November that prompted an investigation into Sheriff Gallant's behavior. County administrator Scott Cole says he is not able to discuss specifics.

Oxford County Sheriff Wayne Gallant under investigation

Multiple attempts to contact Gallant - by email, phone, and in person - have been unsuccessful since Wednesday, November 22nd.

NEWS CENTER has also contacted the Governor's office regarding the Sheriff, since Governor LePage is the only person with the authority to remove the Sheriff. If county commissioners present a recommendation of removal to the Governor, he would have to make the decision. The Governor's spokesperson has not answered four requests for comment.