BLUE HILL, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - Emera Maine says that they have had over 550 people involved in their power restoration efforts since last week's wind storm, and over 100 of them are from out of state.

One of those crews came all the way from Tampa, Florida. Irma Lawrence is a manager with Tampa Electric and led a crew and 20 bucket trucks up to Maine to help Emera restore power.

"We are working 16 hour days," said Irma Lawrence. "We give them eight hours off because they need eight hours rest time, and then we do it again."

As the Tampa crew works around the clock, they are adjusting to the change of climate and enjoying the change of scenery.

It's so cool because yesterday we we took our bucket trucks on these barges to these islands, like Cranberry Island," said Lawrence. "It was like so unique for us. I was like oh wow! It's just different for us."

In September, Emera Maine sent power multiple crews down to Florida to help with the devastation from Hurricane Irma. As Emera takes on the aftermath of last week's wind storm, they are thankful for the out of state help.

"We had recently gone down to Florida to help with Hurricane Irma assistance, so we are certainly grateful for the help that we have received from TECO in return," said Judy Long, Emera Maine communications specialist.

For Lawrence, it was not hard to recruit a crew to come up north and assist the Pine Tree State.

"Any time we are asked to go help, we have volunteers. We never ever have to like draft. Always. Everybody is like ok I am ready to go help," said Lawrence.

Irma Lawrence says that her crew doesn't plan to leave Maine until all power is restored.