ORRINGTON, Maine (NEWS CENTER) – 7-year-old McKenna LaBrie held her second annual lemonade stand fundraiser to help her favorite animals this weekend.

It was part of Orrington’s annual Endless Yard Sale.

When asked how much money she wanted to make, LaBrie replied: “Thousands!”

That money is not for her though. It is for cats like one name Mowgli she helped just one year ago.

It first started when she saw the kitten on Facebook last summer. Mowgli was found in a barn with his hind legs deformed. The cat desperately needed surgery and physical therapy in order to walk again.

"He holds up his first leg and then goes—limps,” LaBrie said.

After two surgeries and now with three legs, Mowgli is able to get around—thanks to McKenna.

"She said let's give it to Mowgli! So of course being parents we definitely went along with that, McKenna’s mom, Becca LaBrie, said.

McKenna is not done fundraising though. In her second year she said she wanted to continue to help cats like Mowgli, by donating to the organization Forgotten Felines of Maine.

"She goes out of her way and her time and her effort and her desire to help these cats and the love she shows for them is greatly appreciated,” Samantha Dillman with Forgotten Felines of Maine said.

Dozens of people bought lemonade from McKenna’s stand at her home in Orrington on Friday and Saturday.

She has now raised more than $2,000 for the organization -- to help stray and abandoned cats all over the state.

"Forgotten Felines of Maine does a really good job helping kitties like Mowgli,” she said.

For more information on how you can help McKenna’s cause you can visit her GoFundMe Page.