(NEWS CENTER) -- The Maine Board of Dental Practice still hasn't scheduled a disciplinary hearing for an oral surgeon with a long history of complaints.

Doctor Jan Kippax's license was suspended for 30 days back in February after the Board's preliminary findings that Kippax continued with painful procedures even though patients instructed him to stop, performed procedures while not wearing gloves or not changing contaminated gloves, and extracted the wrong teeth.

A disciplinary hearing generally is supposed to take place within 30 days after a suspension.

A formal hearing could clear Dr. Kippax's name, could impose a fine or could strip him of his license to practice dentistry.

When NEWS CENTER visited the Maine Board of Dental Practice office in Augusta to ask why they haven't set a hearing date, no one was immediately available to answer our question.

The Executive Director of the Board, Penny Vaillancourt, did email us after our visit, explaining a hearing is typically scheduled within 30 days of an emergency suspension order, but not always.

Vaillancourt also says this case is active and ongoing. She says a hearing officer is coordinating with dental board staff, Kippax's attorney, and the Attorney General's office to get a hearing date on the books.

Dr. Kippax's license to practice dentistry is currently listed as active on the state's ALMS license information website.

The following is a statement from James E. Belleau, Dr. Jan Kippax's attorney:

“For approximately 27 years, Dr. Kippax has provided critical oral and maxillofacial care to thousands of patients in Maine. Dr. Kippax has returned to practicing dentistry as he is fully permitted to do under his active license. None of the allegations in the Complaints pending for hearing in front of the Board have been corroborated by expert testimony. In fact, the State has yet to provide the opinion of any expert oral surgeon in this case. The only expert who has offered opinions in this case has indicated that none of Dr. Kippax’s actions deviated from the standard of care.

The immediate suspension was an impulsive action by a Board which is intolerably biased against Dr. Kippax. Unfortunately, by shooting first and asking questions later, the Board deprived Dr. Kippax of his due process rights, gave credence to unproven allegations, and irreparably harmed his career and reputation. The Board had no basis to immediately suspend Dr. Kippax’s license in February. A fact that is proven by its inaction now. No hearing is presently scheduled with the Board.”