OLD ORCHARD BEACH, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — People who live in Old Orchard Beach say they've seen beach goers relieve themselves outdoors and in public places. Officials are responding by reminding beach visitors that there are options available for when you have to go, but they may not be right next to where you've laid down your beach towel.

There are two public restrooms run by the town that are intended for beach-goers to use. Town Manager Larry mead says one is located on Milliken Street and is free to use, and the one across from Palace Playland costs 50 cents to use. That fee goes toward the cost of having an attendant on site at all times to cut down on vandalism.

Joel Golden, the General Manager at Palace Playland, says the amusement park's facilities are also free and open to the public. He says keeping up with the constant stream of beach visitors that use the bathroom is challenging, but the park is committed to keeping the facilities free for all.

Mead says he has heard a few bathroom complaints this year. He added that this issue isn't exclusive to the Old Orchard Beach area; he heard similar complaints when he was town manager in Kennebunkport. He says Old Orchard is trying its best to stay on top of the need.

The city is looking into placing porta potties in designated areas, but officials need to figure out how to secure them well to avoid vandalism, or people tipping them over.

Officials say if you do see anyone using the beach or a public area in an inappropriate way, you're urged to notify authorities.