BUXTON, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- When store manager Diane Marrotte was finally able to get someone to come flip her generator on about 30 minutes after the power went out at JD Variety, she quickly realized it was one of the only stores with electricity in an otherwise dark Buxton town.

As the Monday morning progressed, more and more people came through looking for coffee and gas, some taking cannisters of it home to power their own generators. Many who came to JD Variety said if it hadn't been open, they'd have had to go outside of town to get what they need.

Those who don't have generators to power their homes are doing their best to just get through the day, they're the ones who appreciate an open the most.

"I need to make bottles for my seven month old, he needs room temperature water," explained Katie Belanger just before she checked out at the counter. "Hannaford is closed and I couldn't get to Waterboro Hannaford, so I'm really happy that this place was opened."

With more than 400,000 homes and businesses without power statewide, there's a good chance people like Katie will have to go without power for more than just one day.