BIDDEFORD, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — The body of the missing 53-year-old woman has been found by the Maine Marine Patrol and Coast Guard several hours after a boat capsized Sunday morning.

Three other boaters were rescued by a good Samaritan after their 21-foot boat capsized 10 miles offshore of Biddeford Pool on Sunday, August 27.

Jeff Nichols with the Maine Marine Patrol says the recreational fishing boat took on a wave from the stern and capsized within 30 seconds.

Nichols says one of the survivors fired a handgun that a nearby boater heard, coming to their aid.

The Coast Guard received the call of the overturned boat Sunday morning around 10:42 a.m. By the time the Coast Guard arrived three of the four boaters had already been rescued.

Nichols says none of the boaters were wearing life jackets. He says the boat was near Tanners Ledge, which may have played a role in the accident.

Conditions on Sunday were calm and visibility was good at the time of the accident.

Maine Marine Patrol are investigating the accident.

Nichols says Maine Marine Patrol, the Coast Guard, local fire departments and other boaters all helped in the rescue.