The one-armed Maine man accused of threatening his neighbors by dressing up as a clown and duct taping a machete to his amputated arm entered not guilty pleas for criminal threatening and weapons charges Wednesday.

Corey Berry, 31, of Hollis, called the situation "terrible," and said that he only meant to pull a prank.

Police say he was intoxicated when they arrested him last month. Witnesses reported him walking down the streets of Hollis and Waterboro, wielding the knife and walking near homes.

"It’s actually kind of scary," said Wayne Strout Jr., who lives near Berry in Hollis. His two teenage children were home at the time, and sent him photos and videos of the creepy clown walking by their home.

"I saw him walking down the road with a knife," said Strout’s stepson, Mark Bureau.

That’s when Strout told his children to lock the doors, while he called police.

"I told the trooper to get there before I do, because this isn’t funny," Strout said.

Berry was charged with criminal threatening, and threatening display of a weapon. The neighbors he scared said they don’t believe misdemeanor charges are serious enough.

"I don’t think the criminal threatening is enough, it wasn’t a joke," said Strout.