OLD TOWN, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- After a fire killed a mother and her two children in Old Town last week, fire officials discovered the smoke alarms in the home had not been working. Sunday morning, Old Town Fire Rescue aims at preventing future deaths with what they are calling a "smoke alarm blitz".

Firefighters will be going door to door Sunday morning in the Bradbury Street area of town.

Their goal is to successfully get working smoke alarms in every single house.

The American Red Cross puts on a similar service here in Maine. They will also come to your house for free and help install working smoke alarms as well as checking existing ones and creating an escape plan.

In just a few hours Old Town firefighters are helping install, clean and answer any questions about people's smoke alarms and to make sure they're in working condition.

This comes just about one week after that fire on Bradbury Street killed three people including a mom and her two children. There were no working smoke alarms in that house. Old Town Fire Rescue is looking to change just that.

Now in Maine if you are renting, it is the landlord’s responsibility to provide working smoke alarms. That is the law. It is also the renter’s responsibility to make sure the alarms are in working condition and to notify your landlord ( in writing) if they are not working properly.

A link to the statute can be found here.

The fire department also wants people to know they can contact them 24/7 with any questions. They will begin at around 10 a.m. Sunday morning.

Old Town Fire Rescue's website can be found here.

The Maine Region of the American Red Cross's website can be found here.