ORONO, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- People are complaining about what they describe as misogynistic banners that were hung from three different houses near the University of Maine campus last week -- even though they have been taken down, some feel there is still a lot to learn from the incident.

"I think it's very disgusting and irresponsible but I'm also not surprised that it happened," UMaine senior Sam Saucier said. Saucier was one of the first people to report the banners to school officials. One of them read "Honk if she's 18", another "Daughter-drop off"."My biggest concern at the moment was oh my gosh all of these students that are coming to UMaine for the first time, this is their first impression of it."

Saucier brought her concerns to the Dean of students, who immediately took action.The banners were removed and the students were questioned by school officials. "They need to understand how posters like that and banners play into a culture that objectifies women and is very offensive to people," Robert Dana said. Dana is the Dean of Students at UMaine.

NEWS CENTER went to each of the homes hoping to speak with those involved -- our knocks went unanswered. Dean Dana says most of the students have taken full responsibility. "The students I have met with already are ashamed, they are embarrassed and very very sorry."

Saucier hopes that the University will take preventative action to avoid something like this down the road and that the incident can be used as a teaching moment. "Just because something isn't offensive to you personally doesn't mean that it doesn't have a larger reaction to someone else." Saucier said.

According to the University, the students involved in the incident will be required to take a sexual assault course but are not expected to be suspended.