BRUNSWICK, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - Many Mainers have spent the days since the windstorm checking in on their own homes - but also checking in with their families and neighbors.

But what do you do if you can't get in touch with your family? Or if you don't live nearby?

The NOW team's theme is #askNOW - so you ask for a story, and we deliver. In this case...that involved delivering pizza.

Don't get any ideas now! But this request was just too special to pass up...

Here's an email we received from a woman in San Diego:

Good Afternoon from San Diego California. My parents Pat and Barbara Roche live in Brunswick and I live in San Diego, CA. I know that power hasn't been restored yet, but here is my silly request. My parents are in their 70's and live with 3 dogs and 2 cats. Could you PLEASE go by and check on them? ...A very large tree fell onto their house and left a large hole in the back part of the house. Their house is structural[ly] damaged in the upstairs part of their home, which has significant water damage inside their home.
I know that you all are doing your best to reach out and get different stories from residents in the area, but it would mean the world to me for you all to check on them. Is there anywhere they could also get a warm meal?...Thank you from the bottom of my aching heart.

We sent NOW's Kristina Rex to check in on the Roche's and deliver them a warm pizza. They were embarrassed, shocked, and grateful, and said they "wouldn't put it past Kim" to call the news to check in.

Pat Roche was teary-eyed when he read the email from his daughter Kim. "All our kids are very compassionate," said Barbara.

The Roche's say they'll be without power until at least Saturday. They're already in touch with both a contractor and their insurance company to try and get the tree removed from the top of their house.