When nothing but the best will do for a new baby, Carol Smith usually gets a phone call. Smith is the woman behind Lulla Smith, one of the most luxurious baby bedding brands in the world. Smith says she could be sued for naming names, but People magazine reports Jennifer Lopez, Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise, Britney Spears and Courtney Cox among her clients. "I have had movie stars call me directly," Smith says. "It's an ego trip I have to tell you it feeds my ego," she says with a laugh. Smith says princes and princesses are also among her clientele.

Smith uses the finest silks and linens money can buy to create the bedding. It's all hand cut and stitched in the attic of her Camden home. While the price varies, a silk crib set can cost around $1,000. This year, Smith expanded her line to include sleep sacks and bath accessories, which in turn has created more accessible price points and larger customer base.

GALLERY: When nothing but the best will do for baby, a Camden woman usually gets a call

Smith started the company about 20 years ago after a divorce and a death in her family. "I thought it myself I just have to build something that I own, that I can control that can't die or leave or divorce." The lifelong seamstress found her passion and encourages others to take a leap of faith and give a new business venture a try. "If there is something you really love to do and get really excited about it, just go for it," she says, "Just do it well."

Smith is in her seventies and has no plans to retire any time soon. "Never. Never. Can't imagine it. I'd be so bored," she says. "I'd have to start another business."