This is the third week NEWS CENTER has streamed (and watched, if we're being honest) the live feed of April, the pregnant giraffe in New York at Animal Adventure Park.

Millions all over the world are anxiously awaiting the birth of her calf, and impressively, many are still checking in on her at least daily.

What is it with our obsession with April? What drives us back to her feed, whether it be consciously or not?

We talked to a psychologist for that answer.

"There’s a component of human behavior that relates to this," said Dr. Thomas Cooper. "It’s known as operant conditioning. There are reinforcements for all of our behaviors and all of our consequences. And what research has shown is that intermittent reinforcement."

Basically, getting a reward for behaviors that don’t happen every time is something that’s most likely to reinforce those behaviors.

One giraffe watcher decided to stream her own version.

Oh yeah, she's pregnant.

The hilarious Facebook Live shows her pacing back and forth in her bedroom while wearing a giant giraffe mask. At times she's seen stretching and sitting down, just like April.