Tom Brady seems like he's got superhuman abilities on the field. He's sure to take extra special care of his health and his body with proper diet, exercise and rest.

Because that's the kind of guy he is, he's spreading his wealth of knowledge with the rest of us with cookbooks, workout gear and apparel, including pajamas that cost upwards of $200 per set.

Underarmour and Tom Brady claim a bioceramic print on the inside of the TB12 Athletic Recovery Pajamas helps the body sleep better and recover faster, linking to an independent study on the positive effects far infrared has on energy and recovery.

According to Meteorologist Keith Carson, the basic premise of bioceramic fabric is that ceramics naturally emit far infrared radiation. Since the first law of thermodynamics states that thermal energy can neither be created nor destroyed, the fabric actually harnesses the body's natural infrared radiation and reemits it as far infrared.

I was given the daunting (read: awesome) task of giving the pricey pajamas a shot and seeing if they really did have an effect on my day.

I tried them two ways: I wore them for five consecutive nights, and a handful of sporadic nights on the days I was most active.

At first try, they're super comfortable and lightweight. They're very soft, thin, and breathable. They also have pockets (10 points).

The first morning, actually, I noticed a difference. My knee was sore after running the Beach to Beacon a few days beforehand, and I woke up with the pain gone. Whether it was the placebo effect or the real deal, I felt great.

But after a few more mornings, I didn't really feel too much of a difference. I also felt the same when I wore it sporadically. I did, however, feel well rested and got peaceful sleep.

My final thoughts: This is a case by case basis. Not everyone's sleeping habits are the same, not everyone's bed is the same. Heck, everyone has different exercise routines and bodies. These are really what you would make of them.

I reached out to the TB12 Foundation for a comment about my experience, and any other experiences they may have heard from other customers, but they declined.

If these truly work for Brady, he better be wearing them every night now that Jimmy G is gone (plays sad violin music).