PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- There are a number of home remedies for sunburns, including some pretty weird stuff - from spreading butter on the burn, to vinegar - but do they work?

To Verify, we spoke with a family nurse practitioner with Intermed, Molly Brown.

"Olive oil? Not really any data behind that," says Brown. "Generally you want to avoid thick, oily treatments for sunburns."

There are many strange wives tales out there for soothing a sunburn, including spreading butter or vinegar on the burn. Brown says again, there is no data that shows that works; but there is data supporting aloe vera's healing effects.

"Aloe vera is great, ideally from the plant itself. You can also buy over the counter aloe just make sure you aren't getting any with lidocaine or numbing medications within it because that can lengthen the recovery time."