(NEWS CENTER) -- Tom Brady is on this year's cover of Madden NFL, which has a lot of fans nervous; but is the "Madden curse" a real thing? We took a look through the game's history to Verify.

The Madden NFL game can be traced back to the 80's, played on early gaming systems. For years, John Madden himself graced the cover.

The curse of the cover begins in 1994, when Madden was joined on the cover by Erik Williams, who got into a serious car crash and missed much of the season.

Since then, each year has featured a new player; some were injured, others simply had a bad season like Michael Vick on the 2004 cover, or Shaun Alexander gracing Madden NFL 2007.

Of course, who could forget the year Rob Gronkowski had after his cover was released for Madden NFL 2017; a season-ending back injury.

So when TB-12 signed on for this year's cover Patriots fans were a bit gun-shy. Brady released a video though, to calm fears, proving he doesn't believe in curses.

Here's why he shouldn't: not every player has been affected by the so-called "Madden curse."

In fact, most recently, Odell Beckham, Jr.; Richard Sherman; and Calvin Johnson all graced covers of Madden NFL and played some of their best seasons.

So we can Verify: appearing on the cover does not guarantee an injury or a poor season.