BELGRADE, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Allen Chamberlain spent Wednesday morning trying to fix the doors to his seasonal home in Belgrade. His camp was one of eight homes broken into along Messalonskee Lake near Kerschner Road.

Monday afternoon, State Police arrested a 17-year-old boy at gunpoint. They found him sleeping at one of the homes, after an alarm had been set off at a home on Dustin Drive.

Wednesday a few homeowners made their way back to their summer homes on the lake only to find that they had been broken into and damaged. People like Lee Miller and Joanne Laurin, of Massachusetts, who have owned their camp for nearly 35 years.

"In 35 years, yeah, this is the first time it's happened," Miller said.

Some homeowners believe the teenager who was arrested may not have acted alone. Police say they are still investigating and there may have been others involved.

Miller and Laurin say the culprits moved some of their furniture around, including a television that was moved downstairs.

Some homes had broken windows and paneling, all things that need to be repaired.

Scott Chapman, a local contractor worked on some of the homes Wednesday. He says there was some evidence to suggest someone had been in one of the homes as late as Wednesday morning.

"As we investigated and checked things out we found that there was somebody in here," Chapman said, "We found that somebody was watching a movie shortly before we got here."

Neighbors say not all of the homes were secured with security alarms.