PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- The Salvation Army is responding to accusations of discrimination that surfaced on Facebook following a post by The Holy Donut.

The Portland business posted about its efforts to help a local family with warm clothes for the winter.

The doughnut shop says it identified a family in need, with five children and two adults, through the Salvation Army. The intention was to ask customers to donate hats, mittens, and sweaters and the shop would then reward customers with free doughnuts or t-shirts.

Hundreds of comments followed on the post, with users accusing the Salvation Army of discriminating against the LGBTQ community.

We spoke with Major Raphael Jackson of the Salvation Army's Northern New England Division Wednesday. He says the accusations of discrimination are false.

I've heard the commotion and I and I feel sad about it. We help millions and millions of families. We never discriminate whatsoever and I feel bad that the Holy Donut and that the Salvation Army are caught in this predicament especially at Christmastime when we are trying to do the most good.

The Holy Donut has since removed its original post and two of its follow-up posts. Shop officials declined to comment further however they did say they will continue to help the family. Find out how to donate by visiting a Holy Donut location.