CHARLESTON, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- President Donald Trump said he wanted to give America a tax break for Christmas, and many of his supporters are ecstatic that Congress is pushing through a tax bill that the President has pushed for.

Earlier this year, we told you that Charleston is one of the "Trumpiest" towns in Maine, with 74 percent of its population voting for Trump.

Monday we headed back to Charleston to see what folks there think of the new Senate tax bill.

Barry Higgins owns Maple Lane Farms, providing fresh meat for businesses and consumers in the state. He believes provisions in the bill, such as raising the tax deduction for pass-through companies, will help small business owners like himself stay afloat.

"I believe we're going to have a pretty good tax break on it, which we need," Higgins said, "it isn't something we'll put in the savings bank, we'll probably invest it, probably create some more jobs."

Michael Morrison lives a few miles away from Higgins. He is also a fervent supporter of Trump, but has worries about the tax bill.

"I just have some uneasy feelings. I just can't see anything good coming from it," Morrison said.

Despite their differing viewpoints, both Morrison and Higgins remain hopeful about Donald Trump's presidency.