PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — A teenager claimed Wednesday that he was instrumental in leading federal investigators to the man who stole Tom Brady's Super Bowl jerseys.

19-year-old Dylan Wagner, who lives in Seattle, told NEWS CENTER Wednesday that he is a sports memorabilia collector, which led to him selling a Deion Branch game-worn jersey to Martin Mauricio Ortega, the man accused with stealing Tom Brady's Super Bowl XLIX and LI jerseys.

Wagner said after he sold Ortega the Branch jersey, he and Ortega started sharing photos of their respective collections. Ortega showed Wagner the Brady XLIX jersey, according to Wagner.

A few weeks later, after Super Bowl LI and the reports that Brady's jerseys were both missing, Wagner said he contacted Houston Police, the NFL security office in New York, as well as the Patriots public relations team.

He said it was not until he submitted an e-mail tip to the Texas Rangers (DPS), who were also involved in the investigation, that he received any correspondence. He said he also got in touch with the FBI.

"It's incredible. Growing up, Brady's sort of been my hero being able to watch the games and collect jerseys, and now to be essentially, in a way, Brady's hero, in some aspect, it's incredible," said Wagner.

The FBI office in Boston could not confirm or deny Wagner's involvement.

Wagner said he has not yet heard from anyone with the Patriots organization, but that he has received "thank yous" from law enforcement agencies. He said watching Tom Brady and TE Rob Gronkowski holding the jerseys at Opening Day at Fenway Park on Monday was exciting.

"To see Brady holding the jersey up like that and then Gronk just snatch it out of his hands -- it's great knowing I played a key role in bringing back that jersey so it could be there on Opening Day," said Wagner.