There's a new app designed for teens that has parents concerned about safety. Yellow is similar to the dating app Tinder where you swipe right to "like" someone and left if you don't. Users are supposed to be at least 13 years old to set up a Yellow account, however there's no age verification in place.

Mom Courtney Burlison is worried predators could pose as a teen to get access to a child. "I don't know their age their sex their history background," says Burlison. "They can be coming from all over the world into my home, which would be very scary for me."

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Professionals who fight for children's well-being have similar concerns. Rubyth Renteria, a child advocate, says since there's no age verification users don't know who they're really talking to. "You may think you're talking to someone who's 13 or 15, and in reality be 60 or 70," she says.

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Renteria says communication between children and parents is key. Parents should know what's on their kid's phone. "If you just allow your child to download any app, they don't know what security measures to take to protect themselves."

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The Burlison's use Apple's Family Share feature, which alerts parents anytime a user tries to download a new app. Parents can then discuss the app with the child before it downloads to their phone. There's a similar one for Android users, too.