LEWISTON, Maine (NEWS CENTER) – Few people love Halloween more than Peter Geiger of Lewiston.

“When I was a little child, my brother – who is very anal about where to go for the best candy – we used to have this city map,” he explained. “We’d always go where the good stuff was. So I always wanted to be the good stuff. The good guy.”

So he made it happen – by saving his change in a jar every year. That change becomes thousands of dollars, which Geiger uses to buy more than 4,000 king sized candy bars for Halloween.

“My kick is seeing the families year after year after year,” he said. “Just saying hi to them, even for just one night. That’s what I like about Halloween. It’s about the family.”

All you need to get your candy? The secret password. Then, three full king-sized bars and a trip through the haunted house are yours for the taking.

Halloween might be a little extra haunted this year at 16 Brentwood Avenue – after Sunday night’s windstorm left Geiger in the dark, and his yard uprooted.

“When I got up this morning, everything was fine,” he said. “When I got outside, this tree fell, landed on my car.”
The massive tree didn’t cause any major damage to the house or car – but it did wipe out a few of Peter’s props.
The power outage and storm damage adds an extra spooky look for a man who won’t let a little weather get in the way of his favorite holiday.

“It was howling last night,” he said. “What more can you do for Halloween than howl?”

Power or no power – kids can be sure to head to 16 Brentwood Ave for their candy. “I’m good to go, with or without power,” Geiger said. “Got the candy, that’s all that matters. I’ve got the secret password in my head, but not revealed. We’re going to be good to go tomorrow.”

Another fun fact – Peter has not eaten a piece of candy himself for over 30 years, but he still loves giving it out to people.

The secret password would normally revealed on 92 Moose Radio on Halloween morning – but the radio station is off the air because of the storm right now. If they aren’t back on by Halloween morning, Geiger will have to figure out another way to make the big announcement.