Prospect, MAINE (NEWS CENTER) -- In 2006, the Penobscot Narrows Bridge took the place of the old Waldo-Hancock Bridge. Because of it's replaceable cables and sturdy concrete structure, it's known as a forever bridge - meaning, it should last a long time.

It's a massive structure and quite a sight to see, but the view it offers from the world's tallest public bridge observatory is even more spectacular.

"It's got phenomenal views," said Shawn Davis, and engineer with the Maine Department of Transportation. "360° views; it's breathtaking."

The observatory also holds Maine's fastest elevator, getting visitors to the top in under a minute.

Davis says in 2006, this was Maine's first cable-stay bridge.

"Each one of the strands are independent, they obviously share the weight of the load of the structure, but because they're independent that will allow for future maintenance, that will allow us to replace them as needed."

Nearly 61,000 visitors checked out the observatory last year, helping to bring a few more people through the surrounding towns, like Bucksport.