PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- A mystery sits on the corner of Middle and Temple Streets in Portland. A big, orange mystery.

"People are curious. They want to know what it is. It's a big orange box. It's just sort of sitting there."

The refrigerated box has a name: Veebie. It's a new venture from Steve Sperry, a native Mainer and entrepreneur.

"The idea is that every day it's stocked with ready to eat food from local restaurants," Sperry said.

Customers looking for lunch options order from veebie.me. They pay online, then they are given an assigned cubby number where they can pick up their meal at Veebie as soon as they please. Veebie partners with a new restaurant every day.

"What we found in our research was that most people won't go more than two or three blocks to get lunch. They're too busy," said Sperry.

The entrepreneur says the kiosk is a far cry and an option that is most ideal, over food delivery services. The key? No wait.

"This kiosk has the capacity to have 100 orders in it," Sperry said. "Instead of 100 cars going to 100 different locations, you have one kiosk going to one location."

Michaela McVetty, owner of Sister's Gourmet Deli, is a co-founder and also carries her product in Veebie. She argues the concept is better than opening a new location on the other side of town.

"It's a great way to extend my reach on certain days or certain hours for just the products I want to sell," she said.

For now, Veebie is a prototype. Sperry is working toward an unmanned kiosk that is locked, with the capability to unlock with smartphones.

So far, they've sold out multiple times. Tuesday is the last day to try out the prototype.