AUBURN, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Americans have been waging war against the Taliban for 16 years; for some high school students, that's an entire lifetime.

"My whole time teaching I have never had as much of a captive audience as right after September 11," says Isaiah Davis, a high school social studies and history teacher.

"They came in with tons of questions; they were watching the news, they were reading newspapers, they wanted to know why it happened; who did it; all of the details. We were living it as it happened."

The progression of teaching students about this war has changed for Davis. "Any student we have that's a sophomore or younger wasn't even born when September 11th happened, so they have very little idea," he says.

"It used to be they were basically experts and they just want to know details. Now, sometimes they don't even know there is a war going on; September 11th was something that happened a long time ago that their parents talk about."

Davis says it's much more about the basics of what happened. He has to show video from the attacks, and is still surprised when students have never seen it before.

"If they saw it on TV and they knew people there, they cared. So you make it real to them again. I love getting veterans to come in; the kids are always interested in what they have to say," says Davis.

"It doesn't matter where they are on the spectrum from liberal to conservative, they all want to hear from someone who was really there."