It's not just the temperature that's rising. It's getting to be the hottest time of year for real estate. The folks at the real estate tracking company Zillow say there's a specific time of year to list your home in order to get the most money.

They say a Saturday in early May is the best time to put out the "For Sale" sign. Their survey found that homes listed from May 1st through May 15th sell around nine days faster than other homes and for nearly one-percent more than the average listing.

The company also claims that listings that appeared on Zillow on a Saturday earned an average of 20-percent more views in the first week on the market than listings posted earlier in the week.

The Maine Association of Realtors reports while they don't track sales by weekends, the busiest time of the year for sales starts in April and runs through October. The organization also reports there were 17, 507 homes sold in 2016 in Maine, the most homes sold in a year since records began in 1998.