BUCKSPORT, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Verso closed its mill in Bucksport a few years ago, since then parts of the old mill have been torn down and the town is working on environmental studies; part of the process to move forward with that on the water.

Roughly 500 jobs were lost when the mill closed.

Rotella says when he first started in 2015, there were roughly 9-10 commercial use vacancies on Main Street; now there is one.

"You have the Bucksport Heart and Soul out there interviewing the citizens about what matters most about Bucksport, why do they live here," said Rotella.

"Main Street in Bucksport working on the revitalization of downtown; they've held the bridge race, which is typically held at Fort Knox, and this year it came through Bucksport down our beautiful waterfront walkway."

Rotella is also thankful the observatory and fort next door are bringing new visitors through.