OXFORD, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Randy Houser will headline the Oxford County Fair after a deadly helicopter crash killed Troy Lee Gentry on Friday.

Gentry, one half of the duo Montgomery Gentry, was slated to perform with his partner at the fair.

Organizers scrambled to find a replacement that would still bring in the crowds they were expecting on Saturday.

"My mind was in panic, you know? You really rely on that final day to make it through the entire fair. Then you get news that tragedy happens and you're like, now what?" Heath Poland is one of many who keeps the Oxford County Fair running smoothly, but the news of Gentry's death brought a lot of things to a halt.

"Switch gears and start planning and adjusting. Just try to make it happen."

Poland is also a fan mourning the loss of a musician, as he works to keep things on track at the Fairgrounds.

"Wednesday is dollar day. We have a dollar to get in, dollar rides so everyone can enjoy the fair at a low cost."

Saturday is usually the day organizers can make up some of their costs; now they're a little unsure about what the weekend will bring, but they're pushing through.