(NEWS CENTER) -- Ethan Strimling, the Mayor of Portland is calling on the State Legislature to ban 'bump stocks' which is an attachment that can turn a semi-automatic weapon into an automatic weapon.

This modification can cost less than $100 and is believed to be what was used in the massacre in Las Vegas earlier in the week. The piece allows hundreds of shots to be fired in a short amount of time.

"I’m calling on the Maine Legislature in there special session coming up this month to ban these devices in Maine. It’s time that we are willing to have a conversation about getting these things out of the hands of those who can use them and can massacre people." said Strimling.

The Mayor added, "I think more of us need to speak up more often to say we won’t tolerate it any longer, so I hope the main legislature will look at this and say you know what, if you did not have this bump stock device that was able to turn his semi automatic into an automatic. Which meant he was able to shoot hundreds of rounds a minute, if he had not had that, there would be people alive today. That's something we know. So we need to take a stand and not allow it to be sold in our state, it will make us a safer state and keep our city safer."