(NEWS CENTER)-- Back in June, an e-mail came into the Portland Boxing Club. Someone was looking for boxing training. That someone was Patrick Dempsey.

Yes, *that* Patrick Dempsey. Scarborough native Jason Quirk, who is undefeated as a pro had the most flexible work schedule, so the 'fighting fireman' got the job.

When Quirk found out he would be training 'McDreamy', to make sure the initial meeting wasn't a nightmare, he brought some backup...

"I was nervous, I brought my dad with me, he's the strength and conditioning coach for the gym so, it was a little bit easier to meet him with someone else there to take half the heat ya know...." said Quirk.

The two hit it off right away and although he wasn't asked to, Jason kept the working arrangement private..

"I didn't tell anybody, I wasnt sure what I was allowed to tell or supposed to tell and then he posted it that picture on his instagram and facebook and it really took off from there"

The two work together a couple of times per week and Quirk has no idea when the training sessions will end.