BUXTON, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- The Buxton Police Department and Maine State Police are searching for a 23-year-old man they say allegedly fled the scene of a crash last week, leaving his pregnant passenger behind.

Christopher Levesque of Hollis was behind the wheel last Tuesday around 7:15 a.m. when he crashed the car, according to police. Both he and his passenger, 19-year-old Shelby Jackson, were able to crawl out of the flipped vehicle.

Jackson is also of Hollis.

One woman, who says she called 911 that morning, told NEWS CENTER she saw Levesque give Jackson a hug before he ran off.

Police say Jackson lied to police and said she was behind the wheel to cover for Levesque.

"[Levesque] is known to the passenger although she wasn't cooperating initially with the investigation," said Buxton Police Chief Troy Cline, "and she was giving us some different stories as to who was driving."

Chief Cline said Levesque had two outstanding warrants for his arrest and a suspended license at the time of the crash. He would not say if charges were pending or are forthcoming for Jackson.

The crash first became known to NEWS CENTER from a viral Facebook post of the car flipped on its roof. It was posted Wednesday morning and was shared more than 2,000 times.

The person who took the photo, Jessica Brackett, says her husband was also involved in the crash. Her mom was the one who posted the photo to Facebook.

"My husband was on his way to pick up his mother to go to work at 7:10 a.m.," she told NEWS CENTER. "When he got to the Long Plains Road and Limington Road intersection in Buxton, that car decided to take a left hand turn in front of him. He tried to swerve around him but you see it didn't work."

"It's unfortunate in today's society people seem to think they don't have to abide by what the laws say," Chief Cline said.

As for Jackson, she was transported to the hospital after the crash because she was concerned about her pregnancy, according to Chief Cline.

"I would encourage people to understand this," he said. "Whether or not it's a loved one that's breaking the law, when you take matters into your own hands and try to cover up for that loved one, that just turns bad both ways because you can be held accountable for your actions by hindering an apprehension just as much as the person that committed the crime."

If you've seen Levesque or know his whereabouts, you're asked to call 207-929-6612.

The investigation is ongoing.