AUGUSTA, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- According to the Maine State Housing Authority, overall, when it comes to housing costs, Maine is not affordable.

Lenders generally prefer home buyers only spend between 25 and 30% of their income on housing costs; and it's a good rule of thumb for renters.

While Cumberland County's housing has always been considered out of the range of the average income, it's not just a big city battle.

For nearly two decades, the Housing Authority has kept what it calls an Affordability Index; comparing the price of homes and the average rent, to the average income of that area.

Maine State Housing Authority, 2016 Affordability Index

Every year, Cumberland and York counties fail; specifically in the Portland area, where the median income is just over $59,000. Based on an average home price of $245,000, those buyers are about $10,000 dollars short.

Bangor passes the affordability test when it comes to buying a home, as does the Lewiston-Auburn area, but barely with just over 40% of the area unable to keep up with the high costs.

When it comes to rent, Bangor fails. The average renter of a two bedroom apartment makes $28,000, when they need to be making $32,000 to afford their apartment. Lewiston-Auburn also fails; the average renter making $7,000 less than they need to afford an apartment; which is actually right on par with renters in Portland. Nearly 60% of renters in the city cannot afford their apartments based on income.