It is the 12th year IHOP has given away free shortstacks for National Pancake Day, and as a 7-year veteran of the breakfast joint, I can attest that it's a busy day for a good cause.

I pick up a shift from time to time for some extra cash, but I volunteered to pick up a table this time around!

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Donations from National Pancake Day at different IHOPs across the country go to various organizations. While shortstacks are free, the hope is that customers leave a donation.

The donations from Mainers will go to Barbara Bush Children's Hospital.

"National Pancake Day is our way of getting people in here to try our delicious pancakes," said Amanda Tanguay, the franchisee in South Portland. "Barbara Bush Children's Hospital means a lot to me."

Tanguay's niece and nephew, both twins, were born there.

"They took great care of them. The nurses come in here all the time. It's just such an awesome, awesome place," she said. "We couldn't think of anybody else we'd rather support."

The promotion ends at 7 p.m.