NEW GLOUCESTER, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- In a tongue-in-cheek remake of rapper Ludacris' and Nate Dogg's "Area Codes," the New Gloucester Fire/Rescue team shows they have hose.

The viral video, posted April 7, has racked up thousands of shares and more than 310,000 views.

According to the department, it was first shown at the New Gloucester Fire & Rescue Annual banquet on April 1, but they posted it to their Facebook page after the amazing response.

21-year-old Connor Boucher, the mastermind behind the video, said it took him 12 hours to complete it from start to finish. Several members of the staff helped with the filming and appearances.

Boucher has always loved Ellen, and the department is trying to get him invited to the show. They started #GetConnorOnEllen to see if he could get her attention.

So far, no response.

Check out the video below: