(NEWS CENTER) -- A man from Maine is in Georgia for the next few weeks, hoping to help get the area back on its feet, starting with a hospital.

"There's a lot of downed trees and debris in the road," said Justin Webster.

Webster works for a power company in Maine, but right now his skills are needed in Georgia.

"I took vacation from my job back in Maine and I'm working with a Connecticut company called MTV Solutions down here and we're working for Georgia Power."

Webster barely had enough cellphone service or time to quickly chat by phone on Tuesday, but for two weeks, Georgia will be his home.

"They're going to be a long time with restoration here; there's a lot of people without power."

Local power crews are assessing the damage, while the volunteers pick up and rebuild what they can.

"Most everybody here is from Connecticut or Massachusetts, but there are crews from Virginia and Tennessee," said Webster. "They have guys come all the way from Wisconsin. When you see big problems like this, it's kind of like a brotherhood; all kinds of line men come from all over the country to gang up and take on the one big problem."