CAMBRIDGE, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- It's not every day you get to meet a Nobel Prize winner. Tuesday NEWS CENTER had the chance to sit down with Jeffrey Hall of Cambridge.

This week Hall won a Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, along with two of his colleagues, for their research on fruit flies. They discovered details about circadian rhythms, or biological clocks, that most did not know at the time.

Currently, Hall is no mad scientist. He is just an ordinary man who enjoys living in Maine. The Nobel laureate was born in New York and spent some of his formative years in Washington D.C.

Hall doesn't have a spouse or children of his own, but he does have seven dogs. They're Jack Russell Terriers.

"I've loved dogs ever since I was seven years old."

A man with a need for speed, Hall owns three Harley Davidson motorcycles. At age 72, he still gets around on them.

"I just like the idea of riding a motorcycle because it's not easy and it's dangerous," Hall said.

When asked if he ever thought he would win a Nobel Prize for his work he had a quick response:

"No way."