BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — The American Folk Festival runs on volunteers. Many of them were running around today making sure everything is properly set up, but they also work hard through the weekend.

One of those volunteers is Barbara St. Peter. She’s a teacher by trade, but has been volunteering since she was a teenager. In fact, in 2005 she was one of our Teens Who Care award recipients.

“The people that I work with are the family you get to see at the end of the summer,” says St. Peter.

She’s known endearingly as the Ice Queen, but don’t let that title or tiara, fool you; she’s one of the friendliest volunteers here.

“It’s kind of like the Pirates of the Caribbean movie,” she says. “You’re part of the ship, part of the crew.”

And this crew stays busy.

“I deliver ice and water to the backstage of all the stages here on site, as well as the most heavily populated volunteer areas, the vending tents.”

A very important role; especially when the sun is blazing.

“The weekend is very crazy for me. I make it so the lady Betty, who runs operations, will radio me around lunch time to see if I’ve eaten yet that day. I’m right out straight from about 8 AM to 11:30.”

This crown hasn’t always ruled the kingdom, “There was Ice Princess for a little while, I think my first year in the leader role was my first year as the Ice Princess. Then they were like, ‘Ok she can cut it, she can be queen now.’”

St. Peter even has her own carriage. “When it got really busy I was lugging a trailer around, but I popped the tire a couple of times, so they gave me this beefy thing.”