PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — Former House Speaker Mark Eves announced his run for governor on Thursday night. Friday evening, he was in the NOW studio, talking to our viewers about the issues that matter to them.

"I think what people are looking for right now is a jobs plan that makes sense for their communities, no matter where they live in this state," said Eves.

A Facebook viewer asked Eves if he would implement ballot initiatives passed by the voters.

"The short answer is yes, absolutely," Eves said in response. "When people speak at the ballot box we need to listen. I think that's extremely important that we do that, and as governor, I would."

Barry asked how Eves would combat theft and abuse of the welfare program.

"Well I think we need to keep our eye on it," said Eves. He went on to say the best way to combat fraud is to get people into well-paying jobs.

The gubernatorial candidate had much more to say on Facebook live. See the full interview below: