(NEWS CENTER) — By now, a lot of people are tired of the snow, and were hoping to escape it with a little spring break vacation. But for most, the trip will have to wait.

"Reschedule" was the word of the day Tuesday at AAA Travel. Employees say phones were ringing of the hook with people trying to reschedule flights that were, or probably would be, canceled.

Mary Ellen Lessard of AAA Travel says disrupted travel in March is nothing new.

"It happens every single year," she said.

A peak into the WCSH archives can provide some prospective: Storms producing more than half a foot of snow have hit us in March in three of the last five winters before this one. Still, some people are willing to roll the dice, and forego protections like travel insurance.

By 5 p.m. Tuesday, cancellations were showing up on the departures page on the Portland International Jetport website.