(NEWS CENTER)-- People across the country, including here in Maine, are outraged at a video of cheerleaders that has gone viral on social media. In the video out of Colorado, teenage girls are forced into splits and held down by their teammates and coach. The young women scream out in pain and beg their coach to make it stop. That coach, the assistant coach, and the high school's principal are all on leave now, while the superintendent and Denver police investigate the incident.

Videos show Colo. cheerleaders repeatedly forced into splits, police investigating

"I have never seen that ever, not even anything close to that, that is not indicative of this sport at all" said Mike White who's a cheerleading coach with Elite All-Stars of Maine.

Dick Durost, the Executive Director of the Maine Principals Association said: "I don't know of any caring person that could condone what is in those videos. I'm confident that no school or administrator in Maine would permit this to occur. Furthermore, I can't image Maine coaches forcing this on their student athletes. Unconscionable."