JONESBORO, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Hurricanes have ravaged parts several parts of the United States this year, and Mainers are still holding relief efforts to help victims.

Downeast, people like Joseph West, of Jonesport, are rallying people together to send a relief truck to several places in Florida hit by Irma.

West created a Facebook group called Hurricane Irma Relief and Recovery to spread the word.

"There's just so much FEMA can do," West said. West says he was inspired to make a difference after hearing someone's personal story in the aftermath of the storm.

So far people have dropped off supplies such as non-perishable food, toiletries, clothes, and more to locations in Jonesboro, Lubec, and Ellsworth.

West plans on driving the relief truck to Florida starting October 26. Until then, he says you can donate.

Information about drop off locations and times can be found on the Facebook page.