KENNEBUNKPORT, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — Dave Jourdan, who lives in Kennebunkport, has been searching for Amelia Earhart's airplane for the last 20 years. Earhart's plane disappeared back in 1937 and there are multiple theories as to what happened to her.

Question raised about timeline of Amelia Earhart documentary

The History Channel ran a program claiming that Earhart was not killed when her plane went down and based that claim largely on a photo that they claim shows Earhart alive and well after the reported crash. That date of that picture has been called into question as well as whether or not Earhart is really in the photo.

Newly discovered photo adds to Amelia Earhart mystery

"I was not impressed at all- The possibility that it was Amelia Earhart in that photo was no different that it was anyone else in that photo," said Jourdan. Jourdan also believes that the plane will, in fact, be found one day, and he and his exploration crew from his company Nauticos will be the one's to find it.